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About WCOD

The Worldwide Center for Organizational Development (WCOD) is a leader in the field of organizational development, growth and success. We therefore aim to be a world-class repository of knowledge and expertise on the whole topic of organizational development with an objective to reflect the issues or challenges faced by organizations of all types and kinds. WCOD has four main areas of activity. These are represented in the diagram below.

Worldwide Center personnel are experts in the creation and design of a wide spectrum of strategic and operational products and services including training and coaching interventions, individual, team and enterprise wide assessments, simulations, surveys, and the delivery of a range of world class assessment accreditation programs.  The Worldwide Centre is also the developer or the widely respected 20/20 Management Development System®. This system is a totally integrated and multi-featured management and leadership development program that can be utilized by any organization to train staff at all levels in a variety of mainly “soft skill” areas.

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