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WCOD Staff

The Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development has three kinds of personnel.

1) Our direct professional staff (employed at four locations around the world-the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia and Hyderabad in India)
2) Staff who perform significant work for us in areas such as curriculum design, information technology/systems and program delivery for example)
3) Staff who are closely associated with our activities but tend to work on a fixed term project basis (particularly in areas such as workshop delivery and standards verification)

Under the CEO for the business, Jon Warner, we organizationally have three regions in the world in which we operate-the United States, Europe and Asia (with Asia being by far the largest because of the application of the 20-20 MDS® system so extensively in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines and China in particular.

A simple Organization chart showing our senior personnel is shown below with profiles available by clicking on all the names of people show

Jon Warner
Anne Sandberg
David Tooth
Rowena Beresford
Aubrey Warren
John Campbell
Stewart Mitchell

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