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Summary Overview

Although every country in the world is facing it own unique challenges in relation to skilled people, be it oversupply or undersupply, it has become clear that there are some major demographic shifts now starting to happen. The most significant is the fact that the so-called “English-speaking Western world” is predicted to have a 100 million professional jobs shortfall by 2025. This means existing individuals in the workplace will need to be retrained or multi-skilled, or professional work will need to be exported to countries where labor is cheaper and people have the necessary skills. In either case, the need for highly effective leadership and management is going to be critical and the 20/20 MDS® has been developed to help bridge the gap.

The 20/20 Management Development System® has been developed over several years by the U.S.-based Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development. 20/20 MDS® is a totally integrated and multi-featured management and leadership development program that can be utilized by any organization however large or small. It was created in response to an increasing need for real and “action” based adult learning that deals with practical issues and challenges in the workplace, not just a learner’s recall of a fixed and historical knowledge curriculum.

The system is built around a series of initial short course programs (usually carried out in company time) before the participating individual undergoes a self-paced learning journey through a particular module (in workbooks and on the web) over several weeks at the end of which a practical assessment of competence is made.

A User Client typically invests in the entire suite of modules available under the 20/20 MDS® banner. This makes available an exciting suite of development modules that can help every individual within the organization to learn and grow (both personally and professionally). Perhaps most significantly, because this program is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the U.K. (one the largest accrediting bodies for management education in the world) participation leads to widely recognized formal qualifications.

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