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Benefits and Advantages of the 20/20 MDS®

Higher retention/Lower turnover of staff as people stay to complete programs
Program participation leads to formal and externally recognized qualifications, helping to build a sense of achievement and self-worth
No employee on-the-job time lost to attend day-release or summer school (keeping employee knowledge and IP in-house)
Qualifications attained are highly portable on an international basis
Talent “cream” more quickly identified and “fast-tracked” to reach the top
Courses are entirely self-paced and time to completion flexible.
Organization has better/more objective knowledge about employee skills and behavior from strong assessment and testing systems
Programs are broadly based and modular allowing employees to try and benefit from parts without undertaking complete programs
Best/better talent attracted to the organization-increasingly becoming the employer of choice
Blended learning approach provides high levels of variety to the individual learner (including working individually and in a team setting)
Direct returns from Action Learning Projects is likely to be substantial (increasing efficiency, effectiveness and performance given learner focus)
Courses are highly assessment-driven helping learners to self-identify specific or particular areas in need of greatest leverage/development
Much lower cost of employing people as participating employees become more productive and cost of “buying in” talent falls
Programs are Action-Learning based allowing real workplace issues and challenges to be tackled as part of the learning experience
Much greater employee alignment and teamwork through common to all leadership learning system (including much greater inter-generational cooperation)
Courses or programs are multi-level allowing students to go as far as they wish to develop themselves as leaders
Common language and approach created for leadership and management decision-making at all levels
Courses are innovative and non-traditional focusing on teaching people to know how to ask the right questions rather than trying to always have the right answers
Cheaper/more cost effective than other external educational/training institutions/approaches
Courses are highly interactive, teamwork oriented and fun in terms of participation

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