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System Features and Benefits

The 20/20 MDS® is designed as a complete Leadership and Management development package for use in organizations of all types and sizes. The package can be used in its entirety as designed, or customized for use in different or partial form. It can be integrated with prevailing leadership development initiatives that may be in place, or each action leaning blended learning module can be offered to people as part of a suite of short courses.

The key features of the 20/20 MDS® are that it is:
Totally integrated in terms of its design and internal consistency Fun and interactive in terms of the learning format and content
Competency based so as to allow individuals to develop in specific areas where they have the greatest need Designed to be undertaken mainly on participants’ own time with valuable client based project work built in as part of the assessment process
Modular in its design Open to tailorization/customization to help maximize relevance to each workplace
Diagnostically grounded in terms of rigorously measuring individual foundational skills and preferences Multi-level in terms of its content depth (Team Leader, Middle Manager and Senior Manager/ Executive levels)
Fully up-to date based on best practice concepts and application in the workplace Designed around continual assessment (both internal and external)
Written to be achievement/outcome based (not time served) so that individuals can learn at their own pace-fast or slow Externally accredited/certified by highly reputable institutional body
Based on key core modules and non-core electives of the participants’ choosing to suit job/role types Totally portable in terms of recognition at an international level
Application driven in terms of work-based assignments and projects    

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