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Hume-Locke University

All programs within the 20/20 MDS® are ultimately verified and accredited by either The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) based in London in the UK, or Hume Locke University, based in California in the US.

Hume-Locke University (HLU) a small but specialist Business University, offering a range of leadership, management, human resources, adult education, coaching and general business programs.

HLU has over fifteen years experience in designing curriculum for leadership and management programs as well as delivery such programs in a variety of flexible ways, most notably via on-line learning for students.

HLU is an awarding body which provides broadly based blended learning solutions to help all participating students in building their capability and overall competence in leadership and management at a number of progressive levels.

HLU’s curriculum and awarding role as an awarding body is primary aimed at students in the United States and Canada, although it also has a number of students working for multi-national organizations that have operations in many parts of the world. Click here to download this informative document or visit the HLU web site at www.hume-locke.org to learn more.
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