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The Action Learning model that underpins the 20/20 MDS®

Action Learning Projects

As a key part of the 20/20 MDS® program, every candidate is expected to apply their learning from a particular module by submitting a work-based Action Learning project. Students often find that the project is the most daunting aspect of our courses, but also the most rewarding. The Action Learning project gives the student the opportunity to actively manage his or her own time and efforts and will increase the personal develop 
Students are free to choose the topic for their project in each module so long as it focuses on a management or leadership issue that surrounds the operational problem or challenge selected, relevant to the module that is being studied. As well as the assessment aspect of the project, another main aim is to contribute to the learner’s development as an effective manager or supervisor by providing practical experience in identifying and solving problems, opportunities to integrate and apply the skills and knowledge from the program in the workplace, opportunities to develop the learner’s professional communication skills, and a chance to make a real contribution to the learner’s own organization’s effectiveness.
A project report is normally be no less than 600-800 words, plus relevant appendices. The learner may also include charts, diagrams, overheads or spreadsheets as appropriate. The report must be presented in a formal and professional manner that would be likely to persuade their manager to support and/or act upon the learner’s proposals and/or recommendations.

As you might expect from a system as well designed as the 20/20 MDS®, the whole process of project submission is web-based and fully automated. This allows students to post their projects to the on-line system by cutting and pasting from other documents as they require. Project standard verifiers and reviewers can then immediately access the same system to provide feedback and project marks to the student.
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