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About the 20/20 MDS® learning programs available

Learning Process Flow Charts for Candidates: LEVEL D

Review our Level A, B, C and D flow charts for a better understanding of the 20/20 MDS® learning process. Use the provided links to view all four charts.
Level A | Level B | Level C | Level D

Before The Program

Read the User Guide to determine your readiness to undertake the program.
Read the Competency Target Behaviors Booklet
Read the ILM Candidate Guide and compete the Application Form for the Program in which you are interested
Complete the LMAT™ (under supervised conditions)
When Enrolled
Undertake Pre-Course Assessments (self appraisal)
PTI :|: MEP :|: LEP :|: Learning Styles Profile
Attend face-to face workshop(s)
Participate in Individual Exercises and Group Discussions in workshops and complete associated booklet
Work through On-line Module(s) and associated Workbook/learning log, completing all Module Activities
Read Module relevant Books/Booklets and Other Resources
Identify and complete Module relevant Action-Learning Project
Post Program Assessment and Action
Write up module project submission form
Read Competency Coaching Tips Booklet, focusing on relevant competencies for you to develop or improve
Undertake 180 degree competency assessment at end of all Modules
At the end of all Modules, nominate your future involvement in the Program
- Coaching of mentoring others
- Verification of Assessment work
- Teaching on the Program


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