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About the 20/20 MDS® learning programs available

20/20 MDS System Competencies

The 20/20 MDS® program is entirely competency based. This means that the program focuses on actual improvements in specifically identified competencies at each level of course (A, B, C and D).

The 20/20 MDS® has 20 competencies, 12 in management and 8 in leadership, which are developed progressively at all four levels of the 20/20 MDS® system.

Click here to download a full page copy of this chart in Adobe Acrobat format.

The idea that education and training need to be lifelong processes is one that has gained widespread acceptance in recent times. Fresh strategies are constantly demanded to meet the changing needs of our customers, (both internal and external) as these emerge. We consequently have to develop new philosophies and different ways of working; we even have to learn a new language to describe the work in which we are involved. This is why we describe an integrated suite of what we call the “Core competencies” of leadership and management, as part of the 20/20 MDS™ system.

The best person to help focus and direct the growth of your natural abilities is you, in a systematic program of personal development. As a self developer, you will be unlocking your own untapped potential--not just developing, but learning to learn. You will also be acquiring skills or competencies which will enable you to support other people involved in personal development programs (acting as coach and mentor).

Your decisions about the content of your personal development approach are up to you but the process should always be to continually learn, develop and grow as much as possible in a variety of different ways (and to do so by focusing on the twenty core competencies outlined below.

Management Competencies
Leadership Competencies

Even in circumstances where a client has its own well-developed suite of internal competencies, the 20/20 MDS® program is capable of full assimilation or integration.

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