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About the 20/20 MDS® learning programs available

Our Learning Programs

Our Leadership and Management learning programs (and the qualifications they lead to) are typically aimed at practicing or aspiring managers, particularly those who are already in post but may have had little or no formal training in leadership and management. Such people may work in all sorts of formal or informal leadership roles and at many levels of seniority. We have found that a considerable number of executive managers may have had only limited exposure to leadership training at the level and depth that we provide it under this program. Simply put, we believe that wherever people and resources are employed, professionally trained managers with a recognized management qualification ensure that they are employed effectively.

All of our learning programs are designed to improve an individual’s performance in the organization through a strong focus on the specific job role performed (via the Action Learning projects that are undertaken). The highly practical programs we offer can therefore generate significant payback for an organization in terms of cost savings and quality improvements in the workplace.

How are the learning programs typically offered?
In most organizations using the 20/20 MDS® approach, individuals nominate themselves, or can be nominated by their managers, to undertake one or more (successively) of four structured development programs.

Certificate in Team leadership
Certificate in Management
Diploma in Management and Leadership
Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management

Most individuals start at level A) and progress sequentially to levels B), C) and D). However, recognition of prior learning may be given to individuals to allow them direct entry to level B), C), or D) courses as appropriate.

Once individuals have completed each full course/program curricula, elapsed time for which is anywhere between 12 months (fast) and 24 months (normal), a final external assessment is made through the Institute of Leadership and Management and where appropriate a a formally recognized, totally portable management qualification certificate is awarded.

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