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20/20 MDS® Assessment System

At its heart, the 20/20 MDS® system’s strength is its competency based assessment system. Each module in the 20/20 MDS® system typically starts with a competency based questionnaire and a review of targeted behaviors. This is followed by a 4 or 8 hour launch or “kick-off” workshop where a group of learners will engage with and discuss the topic in before then undertaking their own self-paced learning journey using the paper based workbooks or on-line system to deepen their knowledge. In this 4-6 week period of self paced learning, each person completes several minor assignments as directed throughout the module and a final major project at the end of the module. Each final project is then externally assessed by WCOD and ILM.

This strongly assessment-driven learning process is built around three principles.
The Three Principles of the 20/20 MDS® Assesment System
All participating individuals should engage in self pre-assessment before each at every module at all levels of the program to determine base or starting skills and awareness about the topic/subject in question.
Continual self-assessment should take place within each module by way of participation in exercises, case studies, and knowledge based questionnaires.
Post assessment should take place from both the individual’s own self appraisal and an appraisal by the learner’s supervisor or peer group (as well as third party assessors).

The 20/20 MDS® employs 4 levels of assessment.
The 20/20 MDS® 4 Level Assessment Process
The use of an integrated suite of assessment instruments to allow individuals to self-assess personal style and competency to determine base level skills.
In-module activities (usually 5-8 per module) allow individuals to test personal awareness and to apply theory to workplace issues.
A substantial end of module projects assignment which asks individuals to select a subject upon which to apply the learning to a particular work situation. This is randomly externally assessed on a formal basis by the Worldwide Center of Organizational Development.
4. At the end of course level a competency-based assessment and functional test are applied.
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