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Fulfill Your Potential

All of the 20/20 MDS® programs are certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in the U.K.  This means that WCOD courses are recognized as being of the highest standard and widely seen to be both practical and innovative in their approach. In addition ILM qualifications are totally portable. This means that the awards are recognized in many countries around the world-a total of 22 at the last count. Click here to see the full list.

For the individual learner the following benefits are also offered:

*Potential Realized
For some, qualifications are merely a means to an end - something to impress on a CV, not sought for any tangible benefit other than a sense of self-achievement. 

*Work Rewarded
WCOD programs and ILM qualifications offer modern methods with practical application, meaning that the real value is seen in the work that an individual does. Employers benefit, as does the learner throughout his or her working life.

*Growth for the Learner
WCOD programs and ILM qualifications are also a means to grow and develop the learner’s skills. More than half a million managers have already benefited from ILM qualifications.

As this chart indicates, ILM has endorsed courses in a range of business based subject areas part from Leadership and Management.  This includes Coaching and Mentoring, Human Resources or Personnel management, Business or commercial management and Training/Adult Learning. In time WCOD will have a full suit of courses in all of these areas.
Click here to download a full page copy of this chart in Adobe Acrobat format.

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