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20/20 MDS™ Course Application Form


The 20/20 Management Development System (20/20 MDS™) is a totally integrated management and leadership development program at four levels from Graduate Certificate to Masters Degree level (level A to D). All individuals are eligible for any of these courses (subject to evaluation that they have the required learning prequalifications to undertake each course beyond the initial level A). However, participation is also subject to completion of this application form and a discussion with your direct line supervisor about how you will prepare for these courses and what this program will do for both the organisation (in terms of your future contribution) and for you personally. Please therefore answer the questions below as honestly and as fully as you can and take this form very seriously as your participation represents a serious commitment on both your own and the company's part.

Personal Details:

*Application Code:
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*E-mail Address:
Employee Number:
*Company Name:
*Job Title:
*Highest formal Qualifications:
*Date of Birth:
*Date of joining your organisation:
*What course level are you nominating for? Level A
Level B
Level C
Level D

Line Manager Details:

*Line Manager Name:
*Line Manager E-mail:

Relevant past knowledge and skills in leadership and management:

*Part A (Education)

Please outline in no more than 100 words what formal learning you have completed in the management and leadership subject area. Include any specific courses or programs completed while at school or college and any short courses that you have completed that you feel may be relevant.

*Part B (Experience/Expertise):

Please outline in no more than 100 words what direct experience you have had in the leadership and management area. Please include job roles you have held (informally and formally) in your present organisation and in previous companies for which you have worked (and positions of leadership you may have held in school or college).

*Preparation for learning:

In no more than 250 words, describe how you will make personal time available to study. Please indicate when, where and how you plan to study and how much time you plan to commit each week over the entire learning period (see separate course descriptions for more information about total time commitments expected).

*Ten learning commitments:

Please read the 10 commitments below and select the relevant button to the right. When in doubt please select the "No" button or leave blank and discuss it with your supervisor or the 20/20 MDS™ coordinator for your location.

    Yes No
1. I have read and understood the candidate workbook for the level for which I am applying.
2. I am prepared to undertake pre-course level assessments as required.
3. I am prepared to undertake pre-module level competency and behavioural assessments wherever applicable.
4. I am committed to carefully reading pre-module target behaviours for each of the competencies that underpin the 20/20 MDS Leadership and Management program.
5. I am committed to actively participating in module workshops.
6. I am committed to working thoroughly through all self-paced learning modules for the program.
7. I am committed to fully and actively participating in the on-line learning modules for the course.
8. I am committed to participating in all post course assessments and tests wherever applied.
9. I am committed to completing mini workplace application projects at the end of each module that I undertake and a major workplace application project at the end of the entire course I undertake.
10. I am committed to engaging in wider reading around each topic for the course I undertake.

*Further Information

What other information do you wish to offer in support of your application? Please include any questions on the program you would like answered. Please remember, this form will be a basis for the discussion on participation with your supervisor.

*Benefits (to yourself and to the organisation of which you are a part)

Please use the space below to indicate how your participation in this course will benefit you specifically (and your management and leadership contribution in particular). Also indicate in what specific ways your organisation will benefit from your participation in this learning experience.

* - Indicates required field



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