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The 20/20 MDS® customization options

Customization Options

While the 20/20 MDS® provides a total “drop-in” package for a leadership and management business university faculty, some of our clients may require a certain amount of customization to better meet their specific needs. For this reason, the system allows the enterprise to change or modify different parts of the generic package as they see fit. This may be to add in new material, case studies, assessment processes or action learning project templates for example.

For those clients that want an even more tailored approach, our team of consultants can help bridge any gap between what comes ‘out of the box’ with 20/20 MDS® and the specific requirements you may have for your organization. Our team will do this by building a fully customized learning program in almost any area (in both content and web site build). This may be to extend of deepen the modules offered on a standard basis or to create accredited programs that lead to formally recognized qualifications in other topic areas that may be important to the particular client organization.

The 20/20 MDS® customization team specializes in design, implementation, integration and training relating to the 20/20 MDS® system. They are available to assist clients with projects ranging from course or module development to complete delivery systems on an outsourced basis.

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